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Duck Baker's Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 101
$19.50 - Book/CD Set 95068BCD (includes TAB)
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A collection of 12 great acoustic blues guitar solos by Duck Baker in notation and tablature. The solos are intermediate to advanced in difficulty and successfully capture the earthy myriad of influences comprising classic American blues guitar stylings. Chords, scales, keys and turnarounds for the blues are taught in this method book. Standard notation and tablature. All songs from the book are included on the CD. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 80 Pages.

Blues Guitar Ear Training Course by Brad Davis 
$14.75 - Double Compact Disc 99897CD
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This double CD course is designed for any level, from beginner to advanced. The first CD covers acoustic style blues and the second CD covers electric style blues. It walks you through simple tried and true steps that will make training your ear a breeze! You will learn to correctly hum acoustic and electric blues licks, memorize a variety of blues licks in several different key signatures, and transpose what you memorize into alternate key signatures. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning. 

Getting Into Blues Guitar by Steve Grieve 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 99658BCD (includes TAB)
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Intended for beginning to intermediate level players, this blues guitar tutorial offers progressive lessons addressing chords, comping, scales, phrasing, and solo improvising. The book’s numerous musical examples and tunes are written in both standard notation and guitar tablature as well as in chord grids when justified. All examples appear on the book’s companion CD, recorded on electric guitar only. Helpful practice tips and suggestions for further reading and listening are provided.

The author methodically introduces the student to authentic blues styles and techniques, referring to specific artists, recordings and periods in the development and evolution of modern blues guitar playing. The relationship between chords and soloing is examined, as is the role of the guitar in blues ensembles and recordings. Equal emphasis is placed on chord comping, improvising and related theory. Upon completion of the book the student should be competent in performing a wide range of blues forms and idioms, comping and improvising with authority, and playing the blues in a band or larger ensemble. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 96 pages.

Blues Guitar for the Young Beginner by Steven Eckels 
$14.75 - Book/CD Set 20147BCD (includes TAB)
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Written with the young beginner in mind, this book presents the basics of blues guitar. Any beginner can play the blues using the concepts and etudes presented in standard notation and tab. Comes with a great companion CD. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning. 48 Pages.

You Can Teach Yourself Blues Guitar by Mike Christiansen    
$19.50 - Book/CD Set 94699BCD (includes TAB)
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A truly enjoyable in-depth look at the basics of acoustic blues guitar! Learn the blues progression, blues chords, strum patterns, how to accompany a blues song, 6/8 blues, minor blues, power chords, moveable chords, barre chords, the blues scale, turnarounds, fill-ins, the capo, double stops, blues licks, bass line accompaniments, 12/8 blues, blues techniques, how to build and play an improvised solo, and fingerpicking blues. Also included are dozens of blues solos and 9 great new blues songs! In notation and tablature. The companion recording is in stereo play-along format and features the earthy blues guitar and vocal stylings of author Mike Christiansen. An instructional recording, it contains all of the examples found in the book. The instrumentation on the recording is rhythm guitar, vocals, and some of the examples have a lead guitar track. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning. 80 pages.

Blues and Ragtime Fingerstyle Guitar taught by Dave Van Ronk   
$24.50 - Book/CD Set 99470BCD (includes TAB)
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In these lessons for the intermediate fingerstyle guitarist Dave Van Ronk presents his arrangements of blues and a classic rag. The book includes a conversation with Dave, a discography, 6 tunes in notation and tablature, and 3 CDs teaching each tune phrase by phrase. LESSON ONE: A blues in 12/8 with Leroy Carr's Midnight Hour Blues. Blood Red Moon follows played in a dropped D tuning. The lesson ends with Blind Lemon Jefferson's One Kind Favor. LESSON TWO: Sunday Street is an original Dave Van Ronk song and is an excellent example of Dave's arranging skills. Four choruses are taught demonstrating how this tune can develop. Bessie Smith's classic blues You've Been A Good Old Wagon is taught in the key of E. LESSON THREE: Dave's arrangement of St. Louis Tickle was the first great challenge for fingerpickers interested in classic ragtime. This four sectioned rag is played in the keys of C and F. It is an excellent example of contemporary ragtime guitar. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 32 Pages.

The Guitar of Blind Blake taught by Woody Mann 
$24.50 - Book & 3 CD Set 98507BCD (includes TAB)
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Blind Blake was the premier ragtime blues guitarist of the 1920s. His technique featured unique right-hand thumb rolls that evoked the feel of the Charleston dance-step. In this comprehensive new book/audio lesson, Woody Mann explores the ideas, techniques, and styles of this legendary musician who has influenced generations of country blues guitarists. The three companion CDs contain three full hours on note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. Written in standard notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 26 Pages.

The Guitar of Big Bill Broonzy taught by Woody Mann
$24.50 - Book & 3 CD/Set 98508BCD (includes TAB)
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Big Bill Broonzy's recording career spanned from 1927 until his death in 1958. His repertoire was well recorded, from solos and duets to ensemble playing. He was rediscovered just as the "folk-revival" began in the early 1950's. Broonzy was a master of ragtime and country blues guitar whose playing was highlighted by a strong pulsating bass and melodic lead lines. In this comprehensive new audio lesson, Woody Mann explores the ideas, techniques, and styles of this legendary musician who has influenced generations of guitarists. The CDs contain three full hours of instruction featuring note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. Selections include: House Rent Stomp; Brownskin Shuffle; Moppin' Blues; Hey, Hey; Worryin' You Off My Mind; Stove Pipe Stomp; and Saturday Night Rub. Written in standard notation and tablature. Inlcudes 3 CD's. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate  24 Pages.

The Guitar of Lonnie Johnson taught by Woody Mann 
$24.50 - Book & 3 CD Set 98509BCD (includes TAB)
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Lonnie Johnson blended blues and jazz styles, performing with blues shouters like Bessie Smith and Texas Alexander on one hand, and Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington on the other. Now learn essential exercises and tips as they are presented in this compilation of tunes by this legendary musician. As part of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Audio Series not only does this book contain valuable lessons, but as an added bonus, the three accompanying CDs contain three full hours of instruction featuring note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction to make the style and technique of Lonnie Johnson something that anyone can learn. Master instructor Woody Mann teaches you step-by-step to play these selections: Away Down in the Alley; Woke Up This Morning With Blues in My Fingers; Go Back to Your No Good Man; Blues in G; and Stompin' 'Em Along Slow. Written in standard notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 24 Pages.

Masterpieces of Country Blues Guitar taught by Woody Mann 
$24.50 - Book/CD Set 20498BCD (includes TAB)
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Masterpieces of Country Blues Guitar from the playing of Blind Blake, Bo Carter, Scrapper Blackwell, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller, Tommy Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy and Josh White. Taught by Woody Mann. This series of lessons presents the music from a wide variety of blues greats and is an excellent series to acquaint yourself with various country blues styles and techniques. For intermediate to advanced students. 32 page tab/music book. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 32 pages.

101 Mississippi Delta Blues Fingerpicking Licks  by Larry McCabe
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 96241BCD
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This book/CD set examines four and eight-beat blues licks which may be played within typical chord patterns in the most commonly used blues keys. Written for fingerstyle guitar, complete with pima fingering for the classically trained guitarist, the licks vary in difficulty but all lie within the capability of the beginning to intermediate player. The coarse primitive quality of fingerpicking blues is captured in these 101 licks, harkening back to the roots of blues- the work songs, field hollers, and spirituals of the rural South. Although rooted in the acoustic tradition of the Delta area of northwestern Mississippi, these licks can be played on any six- string guitar in standard tuning. Veteran Mel Bay author Larry McCabe also provides an introduction to the blues, an extensive guide to symbols used in guitar music in standard notation and tab, ten licks that may be used as introductions or turnarounds and a recommended discography for further listening. The accompanying CD includes 99 musical examples to help capture the authentic feel of the music. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 48 Pages.

Blues Sonata and Jazz Standards for Guitar by Charlie Byrd & John Griggs 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 98380BCD
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Blues Sonata is a "swingin' blues" in sonata form, approximately 22 minutes long, recorded by the Charlie Byrd Trio. Also in this book are three "standard" jazz-blues pieces arranged and recorded by John Griggs. All of the works are written in both standard and tab notation. These pieces are designed for both performance and learning. The standards have a lead line, an arpeggio study, a chord scale study, and a four-chorus performance arrangement. The four-chorus arrangements follow a standard performance routine used in clubs and on stage. For variety, during the third chorus the teacher or another instrument can take the lead. These pieces can be played either fingerstyle or with a pick. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 56 Pages.

Jazz Blues Styles by Joe Diorio 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 99623BCD (includes TAB)
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Jazz Blues Solos presents guitar solos in the styles of Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Sonny Rollins, and other jazz blues greats. Within the context of the blues, this book teaches: styles of jazz blues; jazz ideas, phrases, and licks; jazz syncopation, the rhythmic language of jazz; jazz phrasing, the breath of jazz; how to use the triplet, altered chords, and slash chords; how to reharmonize the blues; a new innovative vocabulary of jazz chord sequences; how to use fragments of the chords to outline the harmony and create interesting new sounds; and how to play walking bass lines with chords. Diorio's "Right Brain Guitarist(R)" approach helps to direct your playing with your intuitive sense as opposed to your logical sense. The accompanying CD will help convey the subtle nuances of the music. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 48 pages.

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