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Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710)baroque guitar

Francisco Bartoleme Sanz was born in Calanda (Aragon, Spain ) on April 4, 1640. He came to be known as Gaspar at an early age. He refered to himself only by this name. He is most often confused with the priest, Gaspar Sanz who lived in the mid-1700's. Little is known about Sanz, save for the quality of his compositions. Sanz, himself played and wrote compositions for the five-course baroque guitar, which was tuned like the first five strings of the modern guitar. His five-course guitar method: Instruccion de Musica Sobre la Guitarra Espanola, was a progressive work consisting of three volumes. It was first published in 1674. After his death in Madrid, in 1710, Sanz's music fell into obscurity. It was revived in the early 1900's. It has since become part of the standard guitar repertoire. Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo did much to popularize Sanz's music by orchestrating several of Sanz's themes in the Fantasia para un Gentilhombre, a four movement orchestral work dedicated to Andres Segovia.

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