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Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar
$24.50 - Book 93669
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 Jazz virtuoso Johnny Smith presents his complete system of chord analysis, scale and arpeggio study, and practical theory application. This is one of the most useful books to be found in any jazz guitarist's library! Lessons include 2-octave scales, 6th chord forms, alterations of chords, resolution exercises, scales and arpeggios, upper extensions from 9th to 13th chords, suspended fourth chords, voicing major and minor chords with a 4th step melody, alterations of upper extended chords, and much more. In order to represent the guitar in the octave it actually sounds, the bass clef is used when appropriate. Standard notation only. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced.  256 Pages.

Concepts for the Classical and Jazz Guitar by Jimmy Wyble & Ron Berman 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 97208BCD
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 Twenty, four-bar exercises written by Jimmy Wyble followed by exhaustive harmonic, rhythmic, and scale permutation of the four-bar exercises by Ron Berman. Accompanying CD contains recordings of exercise permutations. This text gives insight to the vast melodic and harmonic possibilities available to composers and arrangers of guitar music. Examples should be used as ideas for improvisations, compositions, or springboards for new original material. Any musical idea, as shown in this book, may be permutated to create almost limitless original ideas. Exercises are presented in standard notation only. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 32 Pages.

Larry Coryell Jazz Guitar: Exercises, Scales, Modes, & Techniques
$24.50 - Book/CD Set 99468BCD (Includes TAB)
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Larry Coryell discusses and illustrates scales, modes, finger exercises, improvisation and chords. This book offers notation, tablature, and three audio CDs for the intermediate to advanced student. Overall Difficulty: Intermediate. 24 Pages.

Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar by Lasse Johansson 
$24.50 - Book/CD Set 99245BCD (Includes TAB)
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This is a collection of jazz music arranged for fingerstyle guitar and spanning the years form the turn of the last century until the end of the 1930s. There are classical ragtime numbers, jazz band tunes, stride piano, and blues. All are a part of an important musical legacy that shaped the beginnings of popular music. Written in standard notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 120 pages.

Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar : Teaching Your Guitar to Walk by Paul Musso 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 95376BCD (Includes TAB)
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A very well-written book teaching the popular fingerstyle bass/chord "walking" jazz guitar technique. This book is made to order for the novice fingerstyle jazz guitarist who wants to tie chord progressions together with great sounding bass lines. Through short exercises and original compositions, Paul Musso establishes theoretical ground rules for a systematic approach to playing creative bass lines. Technical and harmonic concepts are gradually introduced with the goal that students are able to lay down authoritative bass lines of their own invention. In notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 60 pages.

Fingerstyle Swing by Paul Lolax 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 98305BCD (Includes TAB)
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This collection of pieces is a nostalgic reminder of the bygone days of goodtime, bouncing, happy music. Some of these solo guitar settings of old standards are transcriptions (arrangements that are as close as possible to the original piano settings), but most are arranged by the author in a free swing or stride style. These familiar tunes are fun to play and use a variety of idioms that were used in the days of swing and stride playing. The harmonies and lines bring out the fullest richness of guitar sounds that many love to hear. Each tune is presented in standard notation and tablature with performance notes. Overall Difficulty: Intermediate. 64 Pages.

Barry Galbraith Guitar Solos : Thirteen Standards compiled by Jim Lichens 
$19.50 - Book/CD Set 99902BCD (Includes TAB)
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Barry Galbraith was one of the best jazz guitarists of the 1950's. He was also a fine music reader who would write out his own arrangements of standards for his students. Both his playing and his writing are very straightforward. This book takes thirteen of Barry's rough, hand-written arrangements and adds chord symbols, left-hand fingering, and tablature. The companion CD was recorded by John Purse and includes both a normal speed and a slow version of each tune. Also included in the book are quotes about Barry from many other famous musicians, a 7-page article on Barry by his son Don, an obituary by George Russell, and numerous pictures of Barry at different times in his life. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 56 Pages.

Barry Galbraith Guitar Solos Volume 2 : Thirteen Standards compiled by Jim Lichens 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 20248BCD (Includes TAB)
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This is the second volume of thirteen standards arranged for solo guitar by Barry Galbraith. Facilitating the learning experience, all chord symbols, left-hand fingering, and tablature are included. There is also a companion CD recorded by John Purse. Jim Hall, in his review of the first volume (Just Jazz Guitar magazine, August 2002), said, "The book starts simply and clearly and moves toward fascinating complexity and maturity....a musical life experience trip. If you don't take it, I will." Appropriate for the intermediate to advanced guitarist. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 40 Pages.

Wes Montgomery Jazz Guitar Artistry transcribed by Bill Purse 
$17.50 - Book 95314 (Includes TAB)
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A collection of 14 of Wes Montgomery's great jazz guitar solos transcribed directly from recorded performances. Included are such landmark solos as Work Song; Sack o' Woe; Unit 7; Fallout; Jeanine; Blue Roz; Full House; Mi Cosa; Doujie; Missile; Blues; and others. All solos are in notation and tablature. Most of the pieces can be heard on Riverside's "Wes Montgomery: The Complete Riverside Recordings." The new revised edition matches the recordings much more closely than the first edition, with more detailed rhythms in several pieces. All of Wes' original solos are faithfully transcribed here in notation and tablature for your study. The book also contains general performance notes, a chronological discography, and a touching biographical essay. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 96 Pages.

Wes Montgomery: The Early Years transcribed by Dan Bowden 
$22.50 - Book/CD Set 95315BCD (Includes TAB)
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The artistry exhibited by Wes Montgomery ultimately led to a redefinition of jazz guitar. These transcriptions from Wes' landmark early recorded work capture him in contrasting settings and roles as a sideman, leader and with various group configurations. All solos were carefully transcribed in notation and tablature from Wes' ori- ginal Riverside recordings. Selections include: Scrambled Eggs; Compulsion; Terrain; Ursula; Lolita; Tune Up; Says You; Delirium; and No Hard Feelings. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 68 Pages.

Deluxe Encyclopedia of Jazz Guitar Runs, Fills, Licks & Lines by Johnny Rector 
(Includes TAB)

This comprehensive text provides the guitarist with material in the styles of the great jazz artists for study and analysis. Once memorized, the 2-4 bar phrases presented here become an excellent aid to ear training, and can be applied in ways that enhance one's own impro- vising ability. While written specifically for the gutiarist in standard notation and tablature, these licks and runs can be played by other treble-clef instruments to obtain the same goals and benefits. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 84 pages.

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