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Marco Porcu and MCM Ensemble Live TV Concert: October 27, 2000

Marco Porcu and MCM Project(Italy) performed this concert to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Saridinian television station "Videolina" in 2000. String & Flute Arrangements by Giovanni Prosdocimi.


1. Obbligato Latina: Part II (Marco Porcu)
2. Aries (Marco Porcu)
3. Il Mare d'Inverno (Marco Porcu
4. Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)
5. Gibran (Marco Porcu)
MCM Ensemble:

Marco Porcu: Guitar
Flaviano Braga: Accordian
Francesco Loi: Flute
Valentino Corvino: 1st Violin
Andrea Nanni: 2nd Violin
Giovanni Prosdocimi: Viola
Antonella Costantino: Cello
Guido Zorn: Double Bass

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