Tárrega Guitar School
Wichita, Kansas

Featuring a Preparatory Course
Based on the Principles of
Francisco Tarrega

Providing each student with a Stimulating Program best suited to his or her age, education and individuality.
Practical and Theoretical Study of the Guitar, its Technique & Repertoire.
Emphasizing Serious, Professional Training for the pre-college student, as well as, the beginner.

“Tárrega School” is a term applied to the philosophy of study that was developed by “Father of Modern Classical Guitar,” Francisco Tárrega. Tárrega was highly revered by his disciples, Miguel Llobet, Emilio Pujol, Andres Segovia, Rey De La Torre and others.

Francisco Tárrega lived in Spain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of the techniques that guitarists use today, either originated, or were first emphasized in the works of Tárrega. In honor of his great artistry, we offer a preparatory course based on his principles.

Tárrega was a prolific composer and arranger. He composed many studies which employed his techniques. His transcriptions of works by Beethoven, Bach, & Chopin are among the very first for the guitar. They have served as a template for others to follow.

Studies Include:

* Basic to Advanced Technique
* Reading Music and Tablature
* Memorization and Ear-Training
* Dexterity and Speed
* Developing Tone Color
* Dynamics
* Phrasing
* Position Playing
* Interpretation

In Addition We Offer:

* Arranging and Transcribing
* Composing
* Music Theory
* Counterpoint
* Ornamentation
* Voice Leading, Altered Tunings
* & More

In appreciation of the diverse styles of music that Tárrega’s principles may be applied to, we offer lessons in many of them, as well.

Here is sample of the styles we teach:
Classical - Flamenco - Fingerstyle - Celtic - Folk
Jazz - Ragtime - Blues - Pop - Rock

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Optional Correspondence Lessons


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