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Fernando Sor (1778-1839)
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Fernando SorFernando Sor is considered by many to have been the leading guitarist of the early nineteenth century. His works are more widely performed today than those of his contemporaries. Sor studied music at the Montsserrat Monastery, the Esccolania, at an early age. This school was reknowned for its sacred music education since the 1300's. While Sor wrote primarily for the guitar he also received considerable success for his operas and ballets. His popularity earned him a place in the household of the Duchess of Alba in his early twenties. He shared this patronage with the great Spanish painter Goya.

Sor, Goya and many other Spanish intellectuals allied themselves with the the French cause and when Joseph Bonaparte, the puppet king, was overthrown many of them found themselves in an awkward position. Sor chose wisely to immigrate to Paris. This move helped to internationalize the popularity of the guitar, as his performances recieved rave reviews in London and Paris. His Ballet Cendrillon was performed one hundred and four times between 1823 and 1830. Sor was the first guitarist to perform with the London Philharmonic. In fact, he was the only guitarist during its first one hundred years.

From 1828 to 1832, Sor lived in the same Paris hotel as Dioniso Aguado. They had become acquainted years earlier, in Spain. Sor dedicated a number of works to his comrade. The two are known to have performed at least three concerts together during their time there.

Sor's Methode pour la guitare was published in French, German and English versions. It included extensive text and illustrations displaying Sors concern not only with technique, but also the instruments acoustics and design. His technique involved short fingernails, which he found to be an inconvenience and the use of a table to support the position of the guitar.

Sor's many instructional works elevated the level of guitar playing. Andres Segovia transcrption Twenty Studies For Guitar includes some of the best of these works. They have become a standard part of the guitar repertoire. Sor's many works number more than three hundred, including: ballets operas, melodramas, songs, oratorios, piano peices, chamber music, and symphonies. Sor's Variations On A Theme by Mozart is considered by many to be his greatest work.

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20 Studies for Guitar by Fernando Sor arranged by Andrés Segovia
$6.85 - Book Only - HL6363
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$17.50 - Book & CD Package - HL695012
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20 studies for the classical guitar written by Beethoven's contemporary, Fernando Sor. Revised, edited and fingered by the great classical guitarist Andrés Segovia. These essential repertoire pieces continue to be used by teachers and students to build solid classical technique. 32 pages.
Book/CD Pack includes a 50 minute CD.

Sor In Tablature arranged and performed by Ben Bolt
$28.95 - Book & CD Package -97109BCD
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This text includes fifty-eight pieces of music as well as a recorded CD of the entire book. Ben Bolt believes these pieces are the "best of the best" for developing technique, musicianship, and exposing the guitarist to the ingenious musical world of Fernando Sor. Regardless of your current level of expertise, this music will be a joy to learn and listen to. Titles include: Napoleon's Theme; E Minor at Midnight; Rhapsody in D; March of the Wooden Soldier; and Easter Hymn are sure to please any audience. Ben Bolt's digital recordings of his arrangements are superb. His warm tone and singing vibrato bring Sor's music to life. All interpretations are classically correct. He plays on his Fleta and Sons concert guitar made in Barcelona, Spain (1976). Fernando Sor was born in Barcelona, Spain (1778). 144 Pages.

20 Studies for the Guitar by Fernado Sor Arranged by Dell'Ara
$14.75 - HL50103420
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This book represents the sum of teaching works of Fernando Sor, the illustrious Spanish guitarist. 44 pages.

25 Preparatory Etudes, Op. 60 by Fernado Sor Arranged by Dell'Ara
$6.85 - Book HL50013920 - Publisher: Ricordi (17 pages)
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Complete Sor Studies for Guitar by David Grimes 
$17.50 - Book 95110
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The guitar studies of Fernando Sor (1778-1839) have long been valued highly among the indispensable elements of a guitarist's training. A number of prominent virtuosi attribute a large portion of their development to the diligent study of these works. Sor's studies address an impressive array of technical and musical topics, including proper left-hand fingering, training of the right hand, interval and chord formations, scales, arpeggios, repeated notes, ligados, barring, natural harmonics, control of note duration, balance of melody versus accompaniment, and the handling of contrapuntal voices. A careful study of these pieces will lay the groundwork for a solid technique and allow the guitarist to build the control necessary for the expression of his or her musical concepts. In preparing this edition David Grimes worked with Sor's original publications, but incorporated some alterations that appear in those studies that Napoleon Coste chose to include in his Methode complete pour la Guitarre par Ferdinand Sor. Furthermore, Mr. Grimes has corrected misprints, modernized the notation and rectified some inconsistencies. Finally, some developments in technique since Sor's day have been incorporated in this edition.   Overall Difficulty:  Multiple Levels. 160 pages.

Fernando Sor: The Complete Studies for Guitar in Urtext
$24.50 - Book 97387
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The present new Urtext edition of Sor's didactic pieces takes a different approach to that taken by other editions even recent ones. In preparing the material for publication, Chanterelle strove to maintain a close adherence to the composer's own statements regarding the pieces as they appear in his various writings. At the same time, each individual reference was evaluated against other available historical evidence to determine the extent to which it truly repesents Sor's applied technique, the way he actually performed these pieces himself. Opp.6, 12, 29, 31, 35, 44 & 60, with Historical Notes, Full Commentary, Thematic Index, and Playing Suggestions.   Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Publisher: Chanterelle. 192 pages.

Abel Carlevaro: Guitar Masterclass Vol 1 10 Sor Studies
$21.50 - Book 97417
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These studies display Fernando Sor's mastery of technical resources, which serve an expressive end. They provide a platform from which instrumental awareness and technical proficiency can be developed, gradually leading the students to more advanced performance levels. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. Publisher: Chanterelle. 48 pages.

Complete Sonatas of Sor, Giuliani, & Diabelli compiled and edited by Anthony Glise 
Book 95692 - $33.95
$33.95 - Book 95692
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In spite of the tremendous popularity of the guitar there has never been a complete, professional-level urtext edition of the best known sonatas of the nineteenth century masters in one volume-until this series. This is the ultimate collection which contains all of the original versions for each sonata with additional cadenzas by Aguado, Guiliani, and Diabelli, filling a void in the guitar's historical repertoire. Mr. Glise's astounding musicianship and scholarship (documented in his Preface), establishes this urtext series as a priceless addition to the libraries of both amateur and professional guitarists. The Preface is presented in English, French, German, and Italian. Written in standard notation with extensive performance notes. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 308 pages.

Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839)
Sonata No. 1 in D, Opus 14, "Grande Solo" (After Castro)
Sonata No. 1 in D, Opus 14, "Grande Solo" (After Meissonnier, First Version)
Sonata No. 1 in D, Opus 14, "Grande Solo" (After Meissonnier, Second Version)
Sonata No. 2 in C, Opus 15, B (After Castro)
Sonata No. 2 in C, Opus 15, B (After Meissonnier)
Sonata No. 3 in C, Opus 22
Sonata No. 4 in C, Opus 25, "Second Grand Sonata"

Mauro Giuliani (1781 - 1829)
Sonata in C, Opus 15
Grande Ouverture, Opus 61
Gran Sonata Eroica, Opus 150

Anton Diabelli (1781 - 1858)
Sonata No. 1 in C, Opus 29
Sonata No. 2 in A, Opus 29
Sonata No. 3 in F, Opus 29

Dionisio Aguado - "Preludes" from Metodo Nuevo para Guitarra
Mauro Giuliani - Etudes, Op. 100
Anton Diabelli - Cadenzen fur Gitarre (Cadenzas for Guitar)
Submitted Improvisations

Classical Guitar of Fernando Sor - arranged by Joseph Harris
$10.75 - Book (includes TAB) HL315337
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This book provides guitarists with an essential collection of 22 exquisite pieces by the great Sor, an extensive biography, and playing notes for each piece. Includes: Variations on a Theme from Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' · Minuet in D Major, Op. 11, No. 5 · Minuet in E Major, Op. 11, No. 10 · Divertimento in C Major, Op. 13, No. 3 · Les Folies d'Espangne, Op. 15(a) · Bagatelle in D Minor, Op. 43, No. 5 · and more. Includes tablature. Publisher: Creative Concepts. 104 pages.

Grand Solo, Op. 14 - Fernando Sor - Arranged by Paolo Paolini
$7.75 - Book HL50020590 - Publisher: Ricordi (20 pages)
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Il Mio Primo Sor (My First Sor) - Fernando Sor
$14.75 - Book HL50023220
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Publisher: Ricordi. Contents: Allegretto, Op. 35 · Allegro con Brio, Op. 60 · Allegro Moderato, Op. 6 · Allegro Moderato, Op. 60, No. 10 · Andante, Op. 31 · Andante · Andante, Op. 35 · Andantino · Andantino, Op. 31 · Andantino, Op. 35 · Capriccioso, Op. 60 · Larghetto, Op. 35 · Vivace, Op. 60 · Waltz.

Le Calme Capriccio, Op. 50 - Fernando Sor - Arranged by Oscar Ghiglia
$9.75 - Book HL50481192 - Publisher: Ricordi (10 pages)
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Fernando Sor: Music for Voice and Guitar edited by Jan de Kloe
$33.95 - Book ECH497 - $33.95
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The most complete collection of songs with guitar by Fernando Sor to appear to date. This collection is arranged by language of the lyrics and by the format and character of the songs: Spanish Songs, Songs for 2 or 3 Voices and Guitar, Spanish Patriotic Songs, Italian Songs, and French Songs. Publisher: Chanterelle Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 112 Pages:

  A conquistar tu plaza  
  Acuerdate bien mio  
  Adonde vas Fernando incauto  
  Al mediator jugando  
  Appel des negres aux Francais  
  Ausente de mi dueno  
  Batti batti  
  Boleras del caramba  
  Cesa de atormentarme  
  Como ha de resolverse  
  Cuando de ti me aparto  
  De amor en las prisiones  
  Deh vieni alla finestra  
  El que quisiere amando  
  Favores ni desprecios  
  Himno de la victoria  
  Lagrime mie d'affanno  
  Las mujeres y cuerdas  

Las quejas de Maruja  
Los defensores de la patria  
Mis descuidados ojos  
Mon dernier mot  
Mucha tierra he corrido  
Muchacha y la verguenza  
No doblaran campanas  
No tocaran campanas  
O vous que Mars rend invincible  
Preparame la tumba  
Que costoso es el logro  
Si dices que mis ojos  
Si mis ojos te dicen  
Sin duda que tus ojos  
Valse du ballet de Cendrillon  
Vedrai Carino  
Yo no se lo que tiene madre  

The Following Includes Sor's "Variation on a Theme by Mozart" in Tab

Mozart for Acoustic Guitar  arranged by Ben Bolt 
$29.50 - Book & CD - 95526BCD
Check Out Now
Because Mozart was a profoundly versatile composer, his music suits the guitar as well as it does a chamber orchestra. Includes outstanding transcriptions of movements from several well-known compositions: Concerto No. 21; “Romance” and “Menuetto” from A Little Night Music; Allegro (K525); “Allegro Molto” from Symphony No 40; and more. The text is written in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese and includes both standard notation and tablature.
Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 128 Pages:

Adagio (Theme From The Motion Picture "Out Of Afri  
Allegro (K525) (1st. Movement From "A Little Night  
Allegro Molto (1st. Movement From "Symphony No. 40  
Concerto No. 21 (Solo From The Middle Movement)  
March "Key Of A"  
March "Key Of C"  
March In A  
Menuetto (3rd. Movement From "A Little Night Music  
Minuet And Trio  
Minuet In F  
Minuet In G  
Romance (2nd. Movement From "A Little Night Music"  
Rondo (4th. Movement From "A Little Night Music")  
Sonata In C Major  
Theme And Variation (K 460)  
Variation (K 460)  
Variations (On A Theme By Mozart) Not On Cd  (Mozart/Carulli)
Variations (Theme From The Opera "Magic Flute") Not on CD (Mozart/Sor)

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