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Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
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Mauro GiulianiMauro Giuliani is one of the most celebrated guitarist-composers from the nineteenth century. Giuliani was born in Bisceglie, Italy, in 1783.He began his studies on the cello. He soon moved to guitar. In 1806 he was drawn to the musical city of Vienna. There he became friends with Beethoven. In 1819 he returned to Italy, first to Venice then to Rome. In Rome, he befriended Rossini. Giuliani died in Naples in 1829. Giuliani was a prolific composer, composing concerti, chamber music, and songs, as well as guitar solos and duets. His opus numbers reach over 150. He wrote Variations on Themes by Handel, Mozart and Beethoven. He arranged operas of Rossini for two guitars. His teaching method, Studio per la Chitarra is still prized today. Giuliani was so popular that his fans established a magazine in his honor called The Giulianiad.
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Complete Giuliani Studies edited and compiled by David Grimes 
$24.50 - Book 95650
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The studies of Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) stand alongside those of Fernando Sor, Matteo Carcassi, Dionisio Aguado and Ferinando Carulli as the staples of the didactic pieces by the "first generation" of classical guitarists. Giuliani was one of the most celebrated guitarists of his age, a brilliant performer and prolific composer. He left a legacy of compositions, and many of his works are heard regularly in recitals and concerts today. His student pieces are considered indispensable by generations of guitarists. The studies and exercises contained in the six opus numbers here provide some of the most effective material in the entire guitar literature for building and refining a superior technical command of the guitar. In this edition, David Grimes has modernized some of the notation and corrected a number of misprints from Giuliani's original publications. Overall Difficulty:  Multiple Levels. Pages: 168.

Studio per la Chitarra, Opus 1 (The Study of the Guitar)
* Part 1-Exercises for the Right Hand
* Part 2-Exercises for the Left Hand
* Part 3-Exercises in Articulations and Ornaments
* Part 4-12 Lessons

Esercizio per la Chitarra, Opus 48 (Training for the Guitar) : * 24 Studies

XVIII Lecons Progressives, Opus 51 (Eighteen Progressive Lessons) : * 18 Lessons

Studi Dilettevoli, Opus 98 (Entertaining Studies) : * 8 Studies

Etudes Instructives Faciles et Agreables, Opus 100 (Easy and Agreeable Instructive Etudes) :
* 24 Cadences, Caprices, Rondos and Preludes

Primi Lezioni Progressive, Opus 139 (First Progressive Lessons) : * 6 Lessons

Mauro Giuliani: Six Preludes Opus 83 edited by Simon Wynberg 
$10.50 - Book 97379
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Giuliani's Six Preludes were composed while he was in Vienna, around 1816, or 17; he had left the city by 1819 and the work's dedicatee Joseph Stieler is probably the portrait painter of this name who lived in Vienna between 1816 and 1820. Although the preludes are primarily intended to develop right hand technique, arpeggio playing in particular, they are also musically interesting. Valuable as student exam or concert pieces, they may also be effectively used on a professional level. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate.   Pages: 16.

Mauro Giuliani: Variations for Guitar compiled and edited by Istvan Szabo
$9.75 - Book 800155
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Giuliani's flare and talent are evident as it is presented here in this superb collection of variations for solo guitar. Intermediate to advance in difficulty, these selections are written in standard notation only. Pages: 112.

6 variazoni facili, Op. 326 variazoni, Op. 34
6 variazoni su "La Folia," Op. 45
12 variazoni facili, sulla canzone populare austriaca, Op. 47
6 grandi variazoni, Op. 112
Variazoni sul cavatina del Bacini ("Jo ti vidi e t'adorai"), Op. 128

Variazoni con finale su temi napoletani:
"Ch'i t'ha fatto sta scarpettiella," Op. 140
"La Riccioletta," Op. 141
"Si tu Nenna m'amore n'aut'anno," Op. 142
"È nato miezo mare," Op. 143
"Si monaca te faje, io frate mi faró," Op. 144
"Si cara, si bona, si bella e graziosa," Op. 145

Canzonetta favorita variata - "Tengo più di trentun' anni, e mi voglio maritar," Op. 147
Aria variata - "Tu Vedrai la sventurata"

3 temi favoriti con variazioni:
Mozart, Die Zauberflöte
Tema di Rode
"Biondina in gondoletta"

4 pezzi favoriti:
"Margine d'un rio"
"Nel cor più non mi sento"
Rondo sul tema "Donnette innamorate"
Haydn, "Gott erhalte"

Mauro Giuliani: 6 Vars. Op. 38 (Guitar & Orchestra)  edited by Giorgio Tortora 
$18.50 - Book 97398
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The work presented in this edition is based on an early 19th century manuscripts, one for guitar and orchestra and the other for guitar, flute, violin and viola. Chanterelle's purpose for publishing these works is simply that they give the guitarist who has studied, or wishes to study, Giuliani's Op.38 the chance to perform it also in ensemble or with an orchestra. Both versions, which are available seprately, are well crafted arrangements which work verk well. The accompanying parts are not too difficult, thus futher widening their appeal.   Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Publisher: Chanterelle. Pages: 44.

Mauro Giuliani: 6 Variations, Op. 38 (Guitar, Flute, Violin, & Viola) edited by Giorgio Tortora.
$11.50 - Book 97399
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The works are published to give the guitarist who has studied, or wishes to study, Giuliani's Op. 38 the chance to perform it also in an ensemble or with an orchestra. Both versions are well crafted arrangements which work well. The accompanying parts are not too difficult, thus further widening their appeal. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate.  Publisher: Chanterelle. Pages: 18.

Mauro Giuliani: La Battaglia di Marengo (flute & guitar)
$14.75 - Book Book 97406
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Here is the first known publication on La Battiaglia di Marengo. This excellent example of programme music for flute and guitar is presently attributed to Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829). This edition has been engraved from a manuscript recently discovered in Italy. The work, which is dramatic and effective, follows the classic accounts of Napoleon's famous victory in 1800 over the Austrian army and will soon find a worthy place in the concert repertoire.   Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Publisher: Chanterelle. Pages: 28

Complete Sonatas of Sor, Giuliani, & Diabelli compiled and edited by Anthony Glise 
$33.95 - Book 95692
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In spite of the tremendous popularity of the guitar there has never been a complete, professional-level urtext edition of the best known sonatas of the nineteenth century masters in one volume-until this series. This is the ultimate collection which contains all of the original versions for each sonata with additional cadenzas by Aguado, Guiliani, and Diabelli, filling a void in the guitar's historical repertoire. Mr. Glise's astounding musicianship and scholarship (documented in his Preface), establishes this urtext series as a priceless addition to the libraries of both amateur and professional guitarists. The Preface is presented in English, French, German, and Italian. Written in standard notation with extensive performance notes.   Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced.  Pages: 308.

Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839)
Sonata No. 1 in D, Opus 14, "Grande Solo" (After Castro)
Sonata No. 1 in D, Opus 14, "Grande Solo" (After Meissonnier, First Version)
Sonata No. 1 in D, Opus 14, "Grande Solo" (After Meissonnier, Second Version)
Sonata No. 2 in C, Opus 15, B (After Castro)
Sonata No. 2 in C, Opus 15, B (After Meissonnier)
Sonata No. 3 in C, Opus 22
Sonata No. 4 in C, Opus 25, "Second Grand Sonata"

Mauro Giuliani (1781 - 1829)
Sonata in C, Opus 15
Grande Ouverture, Opus 61
Gran Sonata Eroica, Opus 150

Anton Diabelli (1781 - 1858)
Sonata No. 1 in C, Opus 29
Sonata No. 2 in A, Opus 29
Sonata No. 3 in F, Opus 29

Dionisio Aguado - "Preludes" from Metodo Nuevo para Guitarra
Mauro Giuliani - Etudes, Op. 100
Anton Diabelli - Cadenzen fur Gitarre (Cadenzas for Guitar)
Submitted Improvisations

Favorite Sonatinas selected and edited by David Grimes 
Book 95652 - $19.50 - Series: Editiones Classicae. - Out of print -

This collection of delightful works from the Classical Period presents sonatinas and short sonatas by Call, Carcassi, Carulli, Giuliani, Molino, Nava and Paganini. While charming as performance pieces, these intermediate-level compositions also provide indispensable preparation for playing major works in the guitar repertoire.  Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Pages: 152.

  Leichte Sonate (1. Adagio)   Leonhard Von Call
  Sonata No. 1 (1. Allegro)   Francesco Molino
  Sonata No. 1 (1. Larghetto)   Ferdinando Carulli
  Sonata No. 1: Primavera (1. Cantabile)   Antonio Nava
  Sonata No. 2 (1. Allegro)   Francesco Molino
  Sonata No. 2 (1. Larghetto Espressivo)   Ferdinando Carulli
  Sonata No. 2: Estate (1. Caldo Opressivo)   Antonio Nava
  Sonata No. 3 (1. Allegretto)   Francesco Molino
  Sonata No. 3 (1. Largo)   Ferdinando Carulli
  Sonata No. 3: Autunno (1. Larghetto)   Antonio Nava
  Sonata No. 4: Inverno (1. Adagio Sostenuto)   Antonio Nava
  Sonate No. 1 (1. Andantino)   Mauro Giuliani
  Sonate No. 2 (1. Grazioso)   Mauro Giuliani
  Sonate No. 3 (1. Andantino)   Mauro Giuliani
  Sonatina No. 1 (1. Larghetto)   Matteo Carcassi
  Sonatina No. 2 (1. Larghetto)   Matteo Carcassi
  Sonatina No. 3 (1. Andante Grazioso)   Matteo Carcassi
  Sonatine No. 1 (1. Maestoso)   Mauro Giuliani
  Sonatine No. 2 (Andantino Espressivo)   Mauro Giuliani
  Sonatine No. 3 (1. Andantino Sostenuto)   Mauro Giuliani

Giuliani Revisited by Christopher Berg 
Book 95694 - $8.75 - Series: Editiones Classicae. - Out of print -

Along with some of the right-hand exercises from Mauro Guiliani's, "Studio per la chittarra, Op.1," this book contains numerous original exercises by Berg based on pieces composed since Guiliani's time and other exercises considered helpful for developing a well-rounded technique and for meeting the challenges of the guitar repertoire. There is an abundant practice material here for guitarists of all levels. Standard notation only.  Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Pages: 28.

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