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Baroque Book of Intermediate Guitar Solos 17th-18th Century arranged by Richard Wright 
$14.75 - Book 97479
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In this series of books, the EGTA consolidates and develops a methodic and imaginative process of guitar teaching. The pieces are more of less progressive in difficulty throughout and are grouped into 3 distinct technical categories. No. 1-12 contain no left-handed slurs or barres of any kind, and only #12 goes higher than the fifth position. Numbers 13-24 include half barres, appoggiaturas and other examples of the left-handed slur. Number 25 features full barres, mordents, and trills. 36 Pages. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate

Anthology of Music of the Renaissance & Baroque, Vol. 1
$20.50 - Book HL50483378
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Guitar Solo - Publisher: Ricordi. Pages: 20

Anthology Of Renaissance & Baroque For Guitar, Vol. 2
$19.50 - Book HL50483822
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Guitar Collection - Publisher: Ricordi. 24 Pages.

Baroque Guitarist arranged by Leon Block
$3.85 - Book HL00006330
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Excellent selection of music from the baroque period that is easy to play. Contents: Allegro from Sonata in C (Scarlatti) · Allemande · Alman (Dowland) · Andante (Scarlatti) · Concerto in A Minor, Op. 3, No. 8 (Vivaldi) · Courante (Lully) · Gavotte (Handel) · La Bandoline (Couperin) · La Milordine (Suite in G Minor) · Menuett (Telemann) · Minuet · Minuet I · Prelude from Sonata for Cello (Corelli) · Tambourin. 16 Pages.

Baroque Music for Acoustic Guitar arranged by Stephen Siktberg 
$24.50 - Book 96588
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A comprehensive volume of musical selections from the masters of the Baroque period. Pieces chosen for this book required little alteration from the original manuscript and so do not stray from the composer's original musical intent. Left-hand fingering has been included extensively whereas right-hand fingering is left up to the performer. Requirements for altered tunings and suggestions for the use of capo are indicated at the beginning of each piece where applicable. Contains suggested barres, natural harmonics, and ornamentation. Written in standard notation with a separate tab selection. 296 Pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate - Advanced. 

Classical Guitar of the Baroque Era arranged by Joseph Harris
$10.75 - Book HL00315185 (includes TAB)
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A valuable collection of 25 pieces for guitar from the Baroque era, complete with historical notes, performance suggestions, and composer bios as well as an explanation of ornaments used in music from this time. Composers represented include: Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, Bernardo Pasquini, Jean-Phillipe Rameau, Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Zamboni, and others. Written in notation and tablature. Creative Concepts Publishing. 80 Pages.

Francis Kleynjans: Suite Baroque No. 2 for Guitar Solo by Francis Kleynjans 
$7.75 - Sheet Music EM1079
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A contemporary suite in four movements for solo guitar in the Baroque style. Francis Kleynjans's Opus 154. Publisher: AMA Verlag. Notation only. 8 Pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced.

Meine Ersten Gitarrenstucke - Volume 2: Masters of the Baroque Arranged by Heinz Teuchert
$9.30 - Book - HL50023000
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Contents: BARON: Courante · CORELLI: Courante Italienne · FISCHER: Gaviota; Menuett · KELLNER: Aria · LOGY: Gigue; Menuett · RONCALLI: Gavotte; Minuet; Sarabande · SAINT LUC: Bourree; Sarabande · SANZ: Batalla; Dance de las Hachas; Torneo · SPERONTES: Aria. Publisher: Ricordi.

Santiago de Murcia: Resumen de Acompanar La Parte Con La Guitarra
Book 97354 - $31.95 - Out Of Print -

The Resumen de acompanar, printed in 1714, is earlier of the two surviving collections of music for the five course baroque guitar by the Spaniard, Santiago de Murcia. A facsimile of the later manuscript collection of 1732, Passacalles y Obras de guitarra, now in the British Library, has already been published by Chanterelle. These two collections single Murcia out as the most prolific and the most versatile of the Spanish guitarists. Murcia provides a table of the symbols of the Italian guitar alphabet together with the chords they represent written out in tablature, as well as detailed explanations of all symbols in the book. Written in archaic Spanish with English introductions. Publisher: Chanterelle. Overall Difficulty:  Advanced. 144  Pages.

Sonatas of the Scottish Enlightenment Arranged for Guitar by Rob MacKillop 
$9.75 - Book 99425 (includes TAB)
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The eighteenth century in Scotland was a time a political upheaval accompanied by a new emphasis on knowledge through experience and education. This volume features works by three Scottish composers of the period: James Oswald, William McGibbon, and Charles Macklean. These sonatas combine elements of baroque, early classical and traditional elements. They fit superbly well on the modern guitar and would grace any concert program. Presented in notation and tablature. Written in notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 48 Pages.

Treasures of the Baroque Volume One arranged by David Grimes 

$24.50 - Book 94575
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David Grimes has utilized his extensive research into Baroque music and his expertise in classical guitar solo performance to compile a truly unique and valuable collection. In addition to presenting an authoritative section on Baroque ornamentation, Mr. Grimes has notated a wealth of fascinating and beautiful guitar solos from the original tablature sources. Standard notation only. Editiones Classicae. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate.  160 Pages.

Two Baroque Favorites Arrangedby Frederick Noad
$2.40 - Sheet Music - HL50292480
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Contents: Minuet (Handel) · Minuet from Orpheus (Gluck). Publisher: Schirmer. 

Treasures of the Baroque Volume Two arranged by David Grimes 
- OUT OF PRINT - Book 94735 - $19.50 - Editiones Classicae.

The wealth of excellent music written for Baroque guitar and lute forms a rich and very important part of the natural repertoire for modern classical guitar. Nevertheless, relatively little of this literature has found its way into common usage. The first volume in this series received rave reviews internationally. In this comprehensive follow-up text, guitarist Dave Grimes presents an incredible assortment of wonderful yet rarely seen guitar solo material transcribed meticulously from Baroque lute tablatures. Editiones Classicae. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Pages: 180 

30 Sonatas for Guitar by Domenico Scarlatti edited by Jamey Bellizzi 
- OUT OF PRINT - Book 95716 - $17.50 - Editiones Classicae. 

Domenico Scarlatti composed some 555 sonatas for the harpsichord. As their texture is light and the music is usually homophonic- they transcribe very well for the guitar. In this book, Jamey Bellizzi presents 30 Scarlatti sonatas in standard classical guitar notation. Performance notes, facsimile reproductions of Scarlatti's original manuscripts, and a biographical sketch of the composer are an added bonus. Overall Difficulty: Intermediate. Pages: 112.

G. P. Telemann's 12 Fantasies for Guitar transcribed by David Letkemann
- OUT OF PRINT - Book 98230 - $10.75 - Editiones Classicae.

Georg Phillip Telemann (1681-1767) was one of the most prolific of the prominent late Baroque composers, but he did not compose for guitar or lute. His Twelve Fantasies for Flute Without Bass were composed some time before 1732. These flute fantasies make intriguing guitar transcriptions for guitar for two reasons. First, they are excellent concert repertoire that can be performed on the guitar in their original keys, sounding one octave lower on the guitar than on the flute. With the near continuous use of implied polyphony, these fantasies, despite being single line compositions, sound natural on the guitar. Second, in addition to having intrinsic value as performance pieces, Telemann's fantasies serve as wonderful pedagogical material. They require scale and arpeggio speed but they pose fewer left-hand technical challenges than most lute music of the time and give upper level students opportunities to experiment with articulation, dynamics, ornamentation, groupings of small motivic ideas, phrasing, and the effect of different fingerings and note durations on a passage. They provide excellent musical preparation for learning the technically more difficult lute works of Bach and other composers. Editiones Classicae. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 48 Pages.

Ensemble Works
Baroque Dances for Guitar Ensemble transcribed and arranged by Manley Mallard 
$12.75 - Book 99596
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A delightful collection of chamber music by Jean Phillipe Rameau and Johan Helmich Roman arranged for four guitars. These seven dances vary in style and tempo and are uniquely interesting both harmonically and rhythmically. Parts range in difficulty from easy to moderate in the lower parts and moderate to more advanced in the first part. Pedagogically, these pieces will challenge and engage both high school and college students. Fingerings have been left out to allow students and directors to explore different possibilities. These dances will make a fine addition to an ensemble's recital program or gig repertoire. In standard notation only. Score and parts included. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 40 Pages.

Cantabile: Duets for Mandolin and Guitar arranged by Butch Baldassari & John Mock
$12.75 - Book 95734
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This companion book to the CD Cantabile by Butch Baldassari and John Mock fills a void in the all too often hard to find category of music for mandolin and classical guitar, expanding the repertoire for the intimate combination of these two instruments. Pieces range from Renaissance and Baroque to the more Classical music of Handel and Beethoven, to contemporary and Romantic compositions from Satie, Calace and Tarrega. This book should work well for both students and professionals. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 96 Pages.

Donald Miller Guitar Ensemble Series - Baroque
$12.75 - Book 98300
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One of a series of six books, this volume offers level one, fingerstyle or flatpicking guitar ensemble settings representing outstanding selections from the Baroque repertoire. Some of the selections are well known, while others will be fresh and exciting to learn. Written in standard notation only, these pieces are intended for multiple guitars for use in the classroom or on the recital stage. Separate pull-out parts are provided for convenience. The conductor's score includes a keyboard reduction that may be played for support in rehearsal or performance. While several guitarists may double on each part, it is a good idea to rotate players on different parts to enhance the performers' sight reading ability on both treble and bass strings. 40 Pages. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning

J.S. Weiss: Concerto for Lute & Strings arranged for guitar & keyboard duo by Alice Artzt
$14.75 - Book 97404
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This important ensemble work by the Baroque composer Johann Sigismund Weiss (1690-1737) makes an attractive and valuable addition to the guitar concerto repertoire. It has been arranged by Alice Artzt in accordance with the performance practice of the period, and two guitar versions are included. One is fully ornamented, the other, and easier alternative, is designed for the intermediate player. The edition provides a fully realized part for keyboard continuo and thereby also makes performance in guitar and keyboard form possible. A full-size score and parts (for string quartet and double bass) are available for performance by string ensemble (one player per part) or string orchestra. Publisher: Chanterelle. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 24 Pages.

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