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The Anna Magdalena Notebook for Classic Guitar by Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Jerry Tertocha
$9.75 - Book (includes TAB) 94081
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J.S. Bach's 20 short keyboard teaching pieces have been required standard piano literature for centuries. Now these wonderful pieces are scored for classic guitar solo. All selections are presented in notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 48 Pages.
Sonatas & Partitas BWV1001-1006 (Despalj)
Just Released: And In Stock
$37.50 - Book ECH1111
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Encouraged by the great guitarist John Williams, Walter Despalj, the Croatian master-cellist, made this guitar transcription of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. and fingered by Istvan Romer. Written for the advanced to upper intermediate guitarist in standard notation only. Including the three Fugues (Great Fugue etc.) and the complete score of Bach's Ciaccona. Standard notation.This edition also contains also a full facsimile of the source manuscript. Intermediate - Advanced. Publisher: Chanterelle. 144 pages.

Three Sonatas for Solo Guitar (Sonatas for Violin, BWV 1001, 1003 & 1005 arranged by Manuel Barrueco).
$19.50 - Book HL49010947
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Manuel Barrueco, famous international guitar virtuoso, has transcribed three of Bach's solo violin sonatas for guitar. This edition corresponds to his EMI Classics recording on CD. Publisher: Schott. 48 pages.

J. S. Bach: The Complete Lute Works transcribed for guitar by József Eötvös 
$22.50 - Book ECH110
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This edition contains J.S. Bach's lute works arranged for guitar. Most of these works were for the lute or the lute-harpsichord, a keyed instrument with gut strings that could imitate the lute with its colorful sounds. The arranger has retained the structure and character of the originals as much as possible, based mainly on consultation of the original sources, and has attempted to emulate the clarity of Bach's own manuscripts. Where works required significant alteration to be playable on guitar, the questionable parts have been reconstructed to arrive at the best solution which is the closest to the original. Fingerings have been added only where necessary. Extensive notes on the arranging process are included. Notation only. 128 pages. Overall Difficulty: Advanced.

Abel Carlevaro: Guitar Masterclass Vol 4 J.S. Bach - Chaconne
Just Released: The New Reissued Edition - In Stock
$17.50 - Book 97420
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Includes complete score of Bach's Ciaccona revised and fingered by Carlevaro, as well as, a facsimile of the complete original Bach manuscript. Carlevaro provides step by step analysis of each variation. Standard notation.

"The present transcription is based on the original score for violin. My aim in transcribing the work is to conserve it's original style and spirit, while adapting it comfortably to the present-day guitar. I am aware of the difficulties involved in beginning the work fully to life in both subject and spirit, and in aiming to provide concrete answers to the problems encountered through transcription thoughtful reconsideration of detail is necessary". Abel Carlevaro - Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 52 pages.

J. S. Bach for Acoustic Guitar - 12 Solos in Notation and Tablature arranged by Ben Bolt 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set (includes TAB) 97104BCD
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J. S. Bach is the most sought after composers of all time. He is everybody's favorite! Best selling author Ben Bolt has inked 12 solos for guitar in this book. Included are moderate to advanced solos in notation and tablature. All 12 solos are recorded in order like the book. The recording can easily stand on it's own for your listening pleasure, or can be used as an instructional tool. Professor Bolt also includes a copy of Bach's original manuscript of Partita No. 1 for cross-reference purposes. Includes the following pieces: Sleepers Awake! (from Cantata No. 140), Gavotte, Prelude (from 3rd Cello Suite), Courante (from 3rd Cello Suite), Corrente (from 1st Violin Partita), Bourrée (from 1st Violin Parita), Prelude in D (from 1st Cello Suite), Gigue (from 1st Cello Suite), Sarabande (from 2nd Lute Suite), Gigue (from 2nd Lute Suite), Courante (from 1st Lute Suite) and Fugue. Overall Difficulty:  Advanced. 64 Pages.
J. S. Bach: Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites Arranged for Guitar arranged by Stanley Yates 
$24.50 - Book 96743
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$15.50 - Compact Disc 96743CD
$38.95 - Book/CD Set 96743CDP
Although Johann Sebastian Bach did not write any music for the guitar, transcriptions of his unaccompanied string music and music for lute have long been a part of the guitar repertoire. Despite the respect that this music commands among musicians and audiences debate still exists as to what constitutes an appropriate means of transcribing, interpreting and performing this music on the guitar. It is this debate that prompted this long-awaited edition of Bach's unaccompanied cello suites by scholar and concert guitarists Stanley Yates. This definitive work includes performance scores, comparison scores and an invaluable 40-page guide entitled Arranging, Interpreting, and Performing the Music of J.S. Bach. Furthermore, the author offers comments on his arranging process and suggestions on using this edition including: ornamentation, slurs, fingerings, notation, and implementation of the comparison scores. Written in standard notation in guitar-friendly keys. The companion CD included contains Suites 1-3 only. 196 Pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate.

J. S. Bach: Cello Suite 1 (Lorimer) by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Michael Lorimer 
$9.75 - Book 93906
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Bach's masterpieces transcribed for classical guitar.
Overall Difficulty:  Advanced.

J. S. Bach: Cello Suite 4 (Lorimer) by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Michael Lorimer 
$9.75 - Book 93909
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Bach's masterpieces transcribed for classical guitar.
Overall Difficulty:  Advanced.

Classical Guitar of Bach - Arranged by Joseph Harris
$10.75 - Book (includes TAB) HL 00315184
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Features 24 beloved selections from Bach, arranged for classical guitar with tablature. Includes an explanation of ornaments used in the book, historical notes, performance suggestions, and a glossary of terms. Creative Concepts Publishing. 80 Pages.

J. S. Bach in Tablature  arranged by Jake Pincus 
$14.25 - Book/CD Set (includes TAB) 94581BCD
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This edition contains 10 of J.S. Bach's finest compositions scored in notation and tablature. Works include: Two Part Invention in C Major; Gavotte, from the 3rd Lute Suite; Prelude in D Minor; Bouree in E Minor, from the 1st Lute Suite; and others. The CD is a stereo listening CD and on it each selection is played at both a slow and performance tempo. All songs from the book are on the CD. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. Editiones Classicae. 48 Pages.

J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 transcribed for guitar by József Eötvös 
$24.50 - Book 98099
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Mel Bay Publications, Inc., in conjunction with the distinguished guitar and lute music publisher Chanterelle Verlag of Heidelburg, proudly presents this landmark solo guitar transcription of the Bach Goldberg Variations. Hailed by guitar savants as the guitar transcription of the century, these skillful, challenging settings of Bach's Aria and 30 variations are intended for advanced classic guitarist. This book is written in standard notation only with suggested ornaments and articulations. 80 pages. Overall Difficulty:  Advanced.

J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 Compact Disc performed by József Eötvös  -
$15.00 - Compact Disc EJ-01WZ
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Bach's impressive sequence of variations, known to us as the "Goldberg Variations," was written for a keyboard instrument about 1741 as the 4th part of "Clavier Übung." Allegedly, it was intended to be performed by Johann Gottlieb Goldberg. The original version of the Goldberg Variations, written for harpsichord, is a highly taxing piece for any performer. It requires crossed hands, with double and chord trills. The guitar version involves additional hardships, such as the transcription for a modern instrument in general and, in particular, achieving idiomatic solutions for articulations problems caused by the fundamental difference between keyboard and plucked instruments. Performer József Eötvös here performs his own transcriptions, wherein the interpretation and the soloist's concept of articulation emphasize his deep knowledge of style, making it almost seem that the work was originally composed for guitar.
Johann Sebastian Bach: The Art of Fugue - Die Kunst der Fuge - BWV 1080 (released 2003). Arranged and played by József Eötvös on 8 string guitars built by Frank-Peter Dietrich, Germany & Karl-Heinz Römmich, Germany - -
$24.50 - 2 CD set EJ-06WZ
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This cd is remarkable not only for its technical achievement but for its musical depth and sensitivity.
He has done it again. This time Eotvos uses two differently tuned 8 string guitars to record "The Art of Fugue" He is able to get each complete piece. His arrangement is mostly for two voices each on the two guitars. The interactive bonus material on disc 2 is an added treat and very enjoyable. It contains some printable scores of four of the pieces in PDF format and the audio of one of the two guitar tracks, so is able to play along with Joszef.

CD 1: 43:17 - CD 2: 45:54

"The most joyous version of The Art of Fugue I've ever heard." - Jan Hanford

J. S. BACH Lute Works Vol. I performed by József Eötvös, Guitar (June, 2000)
$15.00 - Compact Disc EJ-03WZ
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BWV 995, 996, 997 - 67 mins 34 secs.

"A delightful addition to the recorded works of Bach." - Jan Hanford

Suite in A Minor BWV997 (Lute Suite in C minor) Critical - Facsimile - Performance Edition.
Edited for classical guitar by Rosalyn Tureck / fingering by Sharon Isbin
$9.25 - Book HL50504280
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Extensive Analysis by formost Bach Scholar / Performer - Rosalyn Tureck. A must have for any serious performer of the Bach Suites. Notation only. Tureck / Bach Urtext Series / Publisher: Schirmer. 38 pages. Overall Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced.
Suite in E Minor BWV996 (Lute Suite in E minor) Critical - Facsimile - Performance Edition
Edited for classical guitar by Rosalyn Tureck / fingering by Sharon Isbin
$9.25 - Book HL50336540
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Extensive Analysis by formost Bach Scholar / Performer - Rosalyn Tureck. A must have for any serious performer of the Bach Suites. Notation only. Tureck / Bach Urtext Series / Publisher: Schirmer. 33 pages. Overall Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced.

J. S. Bach for Electric Guitar by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by John Kiefer 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set (includes TAB) 97068BCD
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Unlike many Bach editions for guitar, these transcriptions are meant to be performed using a pick. Although a few of the pieces may be played on a standard acoustic guitar, most require an electric guitar or a guitar with a cutaway. All pieces are in the original keys and their ranges may require notes as high as the twenty-second fret. Written in notation and tablature, these six pieces make great sight reading exercises. The included CD will prove an asset in learning these often challenging pieces. 40 pages.
Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate

J. S. Bach Transcriptions for Classic Guitar transcribed and arranged by Javier Calderon 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 96683BCD
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Absolute, universal, and harmonious - Bach's music is as profoundly satisfying and uplifting today as it was in his era. One of the most eloquent and expressive guitarists of our time, Javier Calderon, presents these timeless pieces, expertly arranged and transcribed for the classic guitar. Selections include: Sonata BWV 1001 (Adagio, Fugue, Siciliano, and Presto); Chaconne in D Minor BWV 1004; Prelude in D Minor, Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro BWV 998; Suite for Lute BWV 996 (Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bourree, and Gigue); Prelude for Lute BWV 999; and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Written in standard notation only with minimal, unobtrusive left-hand fingering. The attached performance CD presents the author's exquisite rendition of every selection in the book. Pages: 72.

Rhythm Difficulty: 3+
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 2-
Notes Difficulty: 3
Technical Difficulty: 3+
Length Difficulty: 3+

Eight J. S. Bach Compositions Transcriptions for Guitar and a Guide to Performance by Johann Sebastian Bach & Bryan Townsend
$9.75 - Book 95732
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Here is a collection of progressively arranged pieces by J.S. Bach carefully transcribed for the classic guitar. To facilitate an understanding of Bach's music, the author provides a guide to period style, musicianship, and performance practice. Although written with the intermediate level student in mind, guitarists of all levels will enjoy these pieces. Written in standard notation only. 72 pages. Overall Difficulty: 

J. S. Bach: Flute Partita by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed for guitar by Walter Despalj  Out of Stock
* You may wish to order Azabagic edition

A notation only guitar transcription of Bach's Partita in A Minor BWV 1013 for solo flute. Includes a facimile reproduction of Bach's original handwritten score. 16 pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced.

Partita for Flute by J. S. Bach transcribed for Solo Classic Guitar by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Denis Azabagic 
$5.85 - Book 98208
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A notation-only guitar transcription of Bach's Partita in A Minor for solo flute (BWV 1013). Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced. 

Partita No. 1 in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Laurindo Almeida
$7.75 - Sheet Music 98870
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10 pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced
Sonata No. 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Laurindo Almeida 
$5.85 - Sheet Music 98839
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7 pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced
Arioso - Bourree From the English Suite - by Johann Sebastian Bach, arranged for Guitar by Laurindo Almeida  - Out of Print -
Sheet Music 98837 - $2.85 - 2 pages.
Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate

J. S. Bach: Cello Suite 3 (Lorimer) by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Michael Lorimer 

Bach's masterpieces transcribed for classical guitar. 20 pages.
Overall Difficulty:  Advanced.

J. S. Bach: Cello Suite 5 (Lorimer) by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Michael Lorimer 

Bach's masterpieces transcribed for classical guitar. 48 pages.
Overall Difficulty:  Advanced.

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring from Cantata No. 147 by Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Laurindo Almeida  - Out of Print -
Sheet Music 98842 - $3.85, 2 pages.
Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate

Praeludium in C Major No. 1 (From the Well-Tempered Clavier) by Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Laurindo Almeida  - Out of Print -
Sheet Music 98862 - $2.85, 2 pages.
Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate  

Prelude in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Laurindo Almeida 
Sheet Music 98838 - $2.85, 2 pages. - Out of Print -
Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 

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