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Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
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Antonio VivaldiBaroque composer Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on March 4th, 1678. He was an ordained priest at the age of 25. He gave up the priesthood within a year due to his fragile health. Vivaldi wrote many concertos, among them being the "Four Seasons." He also wrote many pedagogical works for the female students of the Ospedale della Piet# where he taught for most of his working life. This "orphanage", as it was often called, was in fact a home for the illegitimate daughters of wealthy nobelmen. Vivaldi traveled to Rome and many other cities. His works were in great demand. They were often cranked out in just a few days, a fact that would earn him many commisions.

Vivaldi was also a prolific opera composer. Contemporary Abbot Conti wrote: "In less than three months Vivaldi has composed three operas, two for Venice and a third for Florence; the last has given something of a boost to the name of the theater of that city and he has earned a great deal of money." In spite of his fame and travels, Vivaldi always remained in the service of the Ospedale della Pieta, by sending concerti at an average of two a month. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and King Louis XV were counted among his many fans

Vivaldi wrote concerti for many instruments, including the lute. This Concerto for in D major for Lute and Orchestra has been transcribed for guitar. It has been recorded by many artists. It remains one of the finest examples of the medium. This solo arrangement of the beautiful largo makes up the second movement. The sixth string must be tuned down to D to accomodate the guitar.

More Guitar Arrangements of Vivaldi

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More Guitar Arrangements of Vivaldi

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Antonio Vivaldi: Three Concerti from L'estro Armonico Op. 3 arranged by Thomas Geoghegan 
$10.75 - Book 98381
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In the process of arranging these pieces for two guitars, the author examined the solo and orchestral parts of Vivaldi's scores with an eye to their textural effect. The end results is a guitar duet setting featuring equal roles for both players. Written in notation only. 24-page score with two convenient 24-page guitar pull-out sections. 72 total pages.
Rhythm Difficulty: 3++
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 1
Notes Difficulty: 3
Technical Difficulty: 3
Length Difficulty: 3++


Arranged by Dániel Benkö - Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest. 11 Pages

$15.50 - Score and parts - HL50510954
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Vivaldi Quartet for Guitar by Elias Barreiro 
$9.75 - Book 95546
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Vivaldi's Concerto in G for two mandolins and strings is presented as an arrangement for four guitars. An effort has been made to give solos to the third and fourth players whenever possible. 76 pages.
Rhythm Difficulty: 2++
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 1
Notes Difficulty: 3
Technical Difficulty: 2+
Length Difficulty: 3+

Vivaldi: Concerto in D Major & Sonata in G Minor by Antonio Vivaldi 
- Out of Print: (Book/CD Set EA1031)

Get the unique opportunity of practicing and deepening the understanding of two challenging Baroque works for guitar with the accompaniment of a real string orchestra and harpsichord. This publication has been created in order to demonstrate the basic techniques in the Baroque style, through the study of the guitar and string orchestra of Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto in D and the Sonata in G Minor for guitar and harpsichord. This edition includes a book and a CD. The book contains: An introduction with instructions for the use of the rehearsal CD; A general preface along with a brief introduction concerning Baroque technique with examples; An appendix with suggestions and references to the hand-written score by Vivaldi; The Sonata and Concerto revised guitar parts with fingerings, including passing notes and ornamentation suggestions; and the harpsichord part with a realization of the G Minor Sonata basso continuo and a keyboard reduction of the orchestra score for the D major Concerto. The CD includes the following versions: the Sonata in G Minor harpsichord only at performance tempo; the Concerto in D with orchestra only at performance tempo; the Sonata third movement and the Concerto first and third movements with harpsichord only at slow tempo for rehearsal; and demonstration performances of both works with guitar and accompaniment. Text is presented in English and Italian. 42 pages.

Sonata in D by Vivaldi transcribed by Zdenek Skoumal 
- Out of Print -

Antonio Vivaldi is known best for his concertos, but he also wrote operas, sinfonias, cantatas, motets, and oratorios. Originally composed for violin and continuo, the three-movement Sonata in D has been expertly transcribed for solo guitar by Zdeneck Skoumal. The author suggests extensive ornamentation for the repeat of the first movement and moderate ornamentation for the last movement. Written in standard notation only. 24 pages.
Rhythm Difficulty: 3++
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 1
Notes Difficulty: 2++
Technical Difficulty: 3++
Length Difficulty: 2

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