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Johannes Brahms (1833 -1897)
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Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms was born in Hamburg, Germany on May 7, 1833 to a poor family. His father was a double-bass player. His mother was a seamstress. Brahms began studies on the piano at the age of seven. By the age of thirteen he was able to support himself by playing piano at bars and brothels and arranging light music. He soon began writing sonatas, piano trios, and many other romantic works. He became acquainted with Joseph Joachim and Franz Liszt and attracted the attention of Robert Schumann, who declared him a "Musical Messiah." The young Brahms was very taken by Schumann's wife, the great concert pianist Clara Schumann, with whom he maintained a very close relationship after Schumann's premature death. He took up permanent residence in Vienna in 1868. Brahms wrote four symphonies, and was considered by many to be the true successor to Beethoven. An idea that was also supported by the fact that he never wed and was a bit gruff and eccentric. In 1881, Hans von Bülow influenced the Meiningen court orchestra to rehearse Brahms' new works, including the Fourth Symphony. Brahms met Wagner around 1885, but their styles contrasted greatly. This delighted many music connoisseurs that yearned for such an alternative. Brahms died in Vienna, April 3, 1897.

Johannes Brahms is considered to be one of the world's greatest composers. Along with his four symphonies, he wrote serenades, songs, chorales, concertos, overtures, chamber music, a wonderful requiem, and many piano works including his Hungarian Dances, sonatas, intermezzos and waltzes from which the following, very popular lullaby is taken.

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Sheet Music and Recordings of Johannes Brahms

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Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dances for Solo Guitar transcribed by József Eötvös 
$14.75 - Book 20292
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While originally conceived as piano duets, Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dances (Op. 39) have been transcribed for various instrumental ensembles, including the orchestral version provided by the composer himself. In this edition, outstanding Hungarian guitarist József Eötvös has transcribed all twenty-one of the dances for solo guitar, in standard notation only with suggested fingerings. While many of these transcriptions lie well on the fretboard, this volume is recommended for the advanced classic guitarist. 72 pages. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced

Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dances for Solo Guitar performed by József Eötvös 
Compact Disc - EJ-05WZ - $15.00
$15.00 - Compact Disc - EJ-05WZ
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Johannes Brahms Arranged for Guitar by Javier Calderon 
$17.50 - Book 99518
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This collection contains the 16 Waltzes Op 39 first composed for piano four-hands in 1865. The composer later created a version for solo piano, and it is this edition which serves as the basis for Mr. Calderon's transcription. Written in separate standard notation and tablature sections. Includes the touching Intermezzo all performed by the author on the companion CD recording. Pages: 64.
Rhythm Difficulty: 2+
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 2+
Notes Difficulty: 3
Technical Difficulty: 2++
Length Difficulty: 2

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