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Chord melodies are harmonized solo instrumentals. They are the bread and butter of the solo jazz and fingerstyle genre. Any instrument capable of playing three notes, together, has the ability to perform them. They are very popular among guitarists and piano players. Traditionally, fake books have been the best source from to find the building blocks of these arrangements. They contain the lead sheets from many popular songs. Lead sheets contain the melody on one staff with the chord name, or harmony written over the top. One needs only the melody of a song and the chord names associated with it in order to make a chord melody. Intermediate guitar players should have no difficulty increasing their repertoire and understanding of music theory by taking advantage of this technique to make solo arrangements of their favorite songs. Such arrangements are often unique, since solo guitar music is rarely found in music stores. By creating one's own arrangement, a player is able to put one's own stamp on a song.

Guitar music is written an octave higher than it sounds. This is done so that it will fall evenly across the treble clef. When one reads a lead sheet the melody is written in "concert pitch." This is the "actual pitch." Guitar players will find this playable on the middle strings in the open position.

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In order to make a chord melody arrangement for guitar, one must make an adjustment, transposing the melody up, so that it will be displayed an octave higher. When one is able to do this the next step is to find chord figures that will allow for the reach of the melody from within the song's harmonic structure. Through a series of passing tones and altered chords the arrangement takes on a life of its own. Clever use of arpeggios and rhythm often enhances pieces, making them more interesting

Five Foot Two is a typical example of Dominant 7th use in the cycle of fifths.

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More Chord Melodies

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Chord Melody Solos for Guitar by John E. Lawrence 
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 97181BCD
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The exercises and tunes in this book involve playing the chords and the melody of a song simultaneously. This book outlines six basic steps for playing guitar effectively in the chord melody style. Chord reference diagrams in major, minor, and dominant categories are provided to expand your harmonic palette. The book's exercises will acquaint you with this popular style and assist you in developing the requisite techniques. Written in standard notation and tablature. 48 pages.
Rhythm Difficulty: 2+
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 3
Notes Difficulty: 3
Technical Difficulty: 2++
Length Difficulty: 1

Solo Jazz Guitar Method by Barry Greene 
Book/CD Set 99509BCD - $17.50
$17.50 - Book/CD Set 99509BCD
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This book is designed to teach any guitarist to compose chord melody arrangements for the guitar, at a pace which is comfortable for both the beginner and the advanced student. Every method used is discussed at length with over 50 musical examples given. The accompanying CD will assure the student that he or she is playing the examples correctly. Topics include: harmonization and re-harmonization methods, analyzing melodies, dealing with extensions, creating slash chord harmony, etc. This book is a must- have for anyone interested in performing as a solo guitar player. Two full-length arrangements are included which cover the material presented. Written in notation only with chord symbols and fretboard diagrams. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 40 pages.

The Romance of the Chordal Guitar Sound by John "Bucky" Pizzarelli 
$14.75 - Book/CD Set 95105BCD
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Bucky Pizzarelli is a giant on today's jazz guitar scene. He has played with virtually every big name in the business. Along the way, he has been a staff musician with NBC, ABC, Skitch Henderson, and Doc Severinsen, has appeared at Carnegie Hall with George Barnes and Les Paul, has performed at the Boston Pops with Stephane Grappelli, and has played a solo concert at Town Hall in New York city. He has countless albums and jazz tours to his credit. In this fine new text, Bucky presents five original solos written specifically to explore the chordal jazz sound unique to the guitar. In notation and tablature. The accompanying CD has 8 samples and 5 original guitar solos as written and played by one of the world's jazz greats, Bucky Pizzarelli.
Rhythm Difficulty: 2
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 2
Notes Difficulty: 3
Technical Difficulty: 2+
Length Difficulty: 3

Jazz Guitar Standards: A Complete Approach to Playing Tunes
$22.50 - Book WMB001
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This comprehensive anthology offers a lead sheet, chord solo arrangement, comping etude, and single-note solo for each of 22 jazz standards. These arrangements and etudes by some of the best arrangers and educators in the business provide jazz guitar students with material for development in every aspect of jazz musicianship. Written in standard notation and tablature. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 200 pages.

A Foggy Day 
All the Things You Are
Alone Together
Beautiful Love  
Body and Soul  
Bye Bye Blackbird  
Days of Wine and Roses
Have You Met Miss Jones?
Honeysuckle Rose
How High the Moon
I Can't Get Started
I Could Write a Book
I Love You 
Just Friends
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?
Moonlight in Vermont
Satin Doll
Watch What Happens
What's New
You Stepped Out of a Dream 

Jazz Guitar Standards II: A Complete Approach to Playing Tunes....
$22.50 - Book WMB009
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This second volume of Jazz Guitar Standards contains a collection of 22 Jazz standards each containing a chord melody, a comping etude and a single-note solo. All arrangements are presented in standard notation and tablature for the beginning to intermediate guitarist. Overall Difficulty:  Beginning-Intermediate. 224 pages.

All of You  
April In Pari
As Time Goes By
But Not for Me
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
East of The Sun (And West of the Moon)  
Embraceable You
I've Got You Under My Skin
In Your Own Sweet Way
It Don't Mean A Thing
Long Ago (And Far Away)
Misty (Comping Etude)
My Funny Valentine
Night And Day
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Someone To Watch Over Me
Speak Low
The Way You Look Tonight
What Is This Thing Called Love?
You Go To My Head

Jazz Guitar Standard: Chord Melody Solos
$24.50 - Book & 2 CD Set WMB011BCD
Check Out Now
This collection of jazz standard chord solos for guitar is compiled from Mel Bay and Warner Bros. collaborations Jazz Guitar Standards Vol. 1 and 2. What makes this work so special is that each artist has personally recorded their solo guitar arrangement. The book comes with the CDs which have all 44 tunes. This book is a wonderful anthology of solo guitar that can be used for performances as well as educational purposes. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate. 144 pages.

Bass Line Basics for Guitar by Charles Chapman 
$14.75 - Book/CD Set 98387BCD
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Guitar Line Basics introduces guitarists to the art of adding bass lines to their chord/rhythm playing. Adding bass lines to the average chord progression gives a sense of direction and motion to chord accompaniment. "Four to the bar" comping with moving bass lines as well as bass lines with chord melody are also covered in this text. These techniques are valuable to the guitarist playing in small group and big band settings. Examples of each technique are written in standard notation and tab and cover a variety of styles. Music theory and chord construction basics are discussed in an easy to understand fashion. The concept of adding bass lines to guitar chord accompaniment is explained in a way that is easy to understand, with examples that are fun and instructional. The accompanying CD gives students the opportunity to hear the examples as they are written in the book. 32 pages.
Rhythm Difficulty: 1
Keys/Chords: Difficulty: 2++
Notes Difficulty: 2++
Technical Difficulty: 1+
Length Difficulty: 1

Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Improv. Series/Chord Melody taught by Barney Kessel 
Video 94797VX - $48.95
$48.95 - Video 94797VX
Check Out Now
Seven clear, precise lessons in developing exciting chordal harmonies. This course will ultimately lead to your own original harmonic style. Includes free instructional booklet. Booklet is in notation only. 45 minute video. Overall Difficulty:  Intermediate-Advanced  Includes 45 page booklet.

Chord-Solo Jazz Guitar taught by Stephen Wohlrab 
$29.50 - Video 94913VX
Check Out Now
In this highly systemized approach, you will learn one of the most satisfying and impressive methods of playing the guitar. Steve will teach you to improvise full-sounding guitar solos by harmonizing the melody notes of standard jazz and pop tunes. Also covered are techniques for adding fills and bass lines to your chord solo arrangements. (60-minutes). Overall Difficulty:  Beginning. Includes 60 page booklet.

Standards for Guitar by John Griggs & Carlos Barbosa-Lima 
$19.50 - Book/CD Set 95988BCD - Out Of Print -

A collection of standard blues tunes, early jazz & ballads arranged for fingerstyle guitar! Written jointly by two masterful classical guitarists, the selections in this volume are: After You've Gone; I'm Always Chasing Rainbows; Ja-Da; The Missouri Waltz; My Melancholy Baby; Peg O' My Heart; Poor Butterfly; St. Louis Blues; Wabash Blues; and The Wang, Wang Blues. These arrangements appear in standard notation and tablature and are ideal for the intermediate to advanced fingerstyle guitarist. For clarity and ease of learning, all selections are shown in leadsheet format (melody with chords) followed by a full guitar arrangement. A CD recording of all ten selections is included as an additional learning aid. 88 pages.
Jazz Improvisation, Walking Bass Lines & Chord Melody by John E. Lawrence 
Video 97182VX - $19.50 - Out of Print -

Offers viewers a video masterclass in jazz improvisation concepts, constructing great-sounding walking bass lines, and developing modern jazz melody-chord solos. Lawrence presents a progressive, easy to follow system that works. Overall Difficulty:  Multiple Levels. Includes 43 page booklet.

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