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Yamaha SA500

Yamaha SA500 Semi Hollowbody Guitar (Closeout) icon

The all new Yamaha SA500 hollowbody electric guitar features a Maple / Mahogany body, set neck, and great warm tone at a price that just about anyone can afford! Features include Yamaha Alinco humbucking pickups, diecast tuners, and more.

Yamaha SA2200

Yamaha SA2200 Semi Hollowbody Guitar icon

The SA2200 represents traditional Yamaha craftsmanship at its finest, pushing the semi-hollow body guitar concept to the peak of refinement. Our SA2200 is a refined take on a classic double-cutaway semi-acoustic design whose remarkable versatility has endeared it to everyone from primal blues wailers to studio sophisticates.

Yamaha AES1500B

Yamaha AES1500B Semi Hollowbody Guitar icon

The classic look and tone of the AES1500 plus the famous Bigsby B-6 Tremolo. The AES1500 and AES1500B are 6-string royalty, ranking among the most expensive and collectible of electric guitars. They are also uncommonly multi-faceted; the instruments that inspired our AES series were originally designed for discriminating jazz players, but they wound up fueling early rock and roll.

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